Why Study Abroad?

Living and studying abroad will prepare you for life in ways that no other opportunity can.

See the World 

Learn a New Language (or improve)  

See the world

See the world

Make Lifelong Friends

Stand Out on College Applications 

Talk to your parents

“…a student who takes advantage of the opportunity to spend a year of high school overseas will be reviewed very favorably!  I think that it shows that the student is open to new experiences, willing to take risks, and will be bringing an interesting perspective to the classroom at St. Olaf College.” (Jenny Howenstine, Assoc. Dean of Admissions)

Did you know that you can learn more language in one year abroad than in four years of normal high school language courses?

Did you know that by learning how to interact with other cultures, you are preparing for a more global workplace environment? Intercultural skills teach you how to handle new and diverse situations, which are common to find now!

Did you know that most study abroad students come back equipped to handle difficult challenges, be out of their comfort zone, and mature at a quicker rate?


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