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Download Our Spanish Lesson Plan About Salamanca

Do you know when the Roman Bridge (Puente Romano) in Salamanca was built? Find out that and more in this lesson plan.

Are you teaching or learning Spanish? Want specific information about a particular city? Teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike can benefit from this lesson plan about Salamanca, Spain. It is a one hour plan with three activities to help students develop vocabulary, conversations and even career skills such as applying for scholarships. Designed mainly for advanced level Spanish students grades 9-12.

Students: If you would like to do this activity on your own to improve your Spanish, just skip page one of instructions, and move on to the actual activities!

SpainLessonPlan Click to download PDF.



Free Webinar & Lesson Plan about Salamanca, Spain!

Spanish teachers and counselors: RSVP for the Webinar happening Nov. 6th, at 2PM CDT to learn about the scholarship opportunity for students to attend the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp in Salamanca, Spain. If you can’t attend, you can still RSVP and be sent a recorded version and free lesson plan about Salamanca.



So you’re considering the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp?

Find out more about the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp:

Like Spanish? You’ll love this Summer Camp!

Spain Program Facebook Post

This camp is open to American teens between the ages of 15-17 in their third year of Spanish or preparing for the AP Spanish and Language Exam. It is a chaperoned three week camp in Salamanca Spain and offers an all-inclusive price (airfare, excursions, meals, accommodations, insurance, supervision).

How to register: Fill out a registration form here before January 1st, mail to iE-USA and you will receive notice of enrollment by email. One partial scholarship available, information is on the website.

Learn about Salamanca, Spain by watching this video! Did you know it is a UNESCO World Heritage City? Follow our blog for upcoming information, pictures and videos of Spain!

Improve your Language Skills

Feel like you are not learning language fast enough at school, or they don’t offer the language you want? The best way to improve your language skills for real life application is interactive media. Videos, music, poems, and movies are all great ways to learn how language is used outside of a textbook. For example, did you know 99 Red Balloons was actually written by a German singer, in the German language? It was called 99 Luftballons, and the link to the lyrics is here. Here are some other ideas:

  • Practice singing along with songs, it will help with quick pronunciation and translating the lyrics to English will help you learn new meanings of words.
  • Read the news in a different language. Bonus, you will be able to discuss current events from other countries with foreigners or your host family. For example, Argentine news can be found here. You could also watch a Youtube news clip, such as the one here in French. Some news is even slowed down, such as this one.
  • Watch your favorite American movie, but add either subtitles or dubbing. Many movies now have multiple language options to select from.
  • Find an exchange student at your high school to speak with! They will appreciate your interest in their native language, and maybe you can teach them some fun american expressions in return.
  • Buy a book (or eBook) on Amazon that has been translated to the language you want to learn. Did you know The DaVinci code has been translated into 44 different languages? Even the series Twilight has been translated to other languages, and copies are often available on Amazon. The dystopic hit this year, Divergent, is available in Spanish here! Make sure you pick a book that you will enjoy, so that you stick with it.

Some other fun videos from other countries that will get you moving:

Italy: (Nun sings a famous American song on the Voice Italy!)

France: (Elle me dit, Mika with subtitles)

Argentina/Latin America:  (Whiteboard singalong with Bacilos)

Latin America: (Shakira sings Fifa World Cup song)

Germany: (Cool German Words)

Know any other fun (and appropriate) videos or resources for free language learning? Let us know!




Top 5 Reasons to Visit Argentina

This week, iE-USA decided to feature Argentina as its Country Destination on our blog. Here are the top five reasons to travel to Argentina:

Argentina Statue and Flag

Argentina Statue and Flag

1. Amazing food: Tender steak, amazing roasted chicken, beef or ham and cheese ’empanadas’ (pastries), Italian food such as Gnocchi, pizza, homemade ravioli; and ‘tortas’ or ‘tortitas’ (biscuits) will be daily staples!

2. Amazing people: Almost every traveler to Argentina realizes instantly how friendly, sociable, and outgoing most Argentines are. They’ll invite you over for a barbecue, introduce you to their family, ask you about where you’re from, and you will be part of the group in no time. It’s hard to be homesick that way!

3. Soccer pride: The most popular question to ask someone in Argentina is “De que equipo sos?”, meaning “What team do you support?” and there is always a strong love for soccer behind this question and the answer. Even if you aren’t a soccer fan now, going to a soccer game is a must, and you’ll be a Boca or River fan in no time.

4. The language: The Spanish in Argentina, while unique, is also fun to learn. It has a song-like quality and has fun words like “Todo bien” (All good), and “manso!” (Cool/Incredible) to learn.

5. The scenery: You can be looking at one of the biggest mountains in Latin America one moment, and then swimming on the Atlantic or Pacific coast the other. Argentina has a lot to give, including a broad range of climates and regional differences.

Extra reason: This is where the Outbound Director of iE-USA chose to study when she was 15… so that must tell you something!

Interested? Look here for more information about Argentina and how to apply:

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