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Last month in Germany :( – Claire


I’ve learned so much by being in Germany for the past few months.  Unfortunately, I can only stay for 5 months and not 10.  I would jump at the chance to extend my time here, but with school and graduation in a few months, it works out better to just stay a semester.  When I came, I could only put together a few sentences and had almost no knowledge of the grammar.  With the immeasurable patience of my host family (especially host mom), I’ve made incredible progress in German.  I’ve learned so much just by helping my host mom cook and asking questions about the language and when, what, and why people say certain things.

I’ve really become part of culture here.  I’m on a soccer team and in a choir.  I’ve snowboarded in the French Alps. I’ve made numerous friends, and I’m glad to say I also have a new German family.

I strongly recommend studying abroad, and, of course, choosing Germany.  I won’t lie and say it’s always the easiest, but it is certainly 100% worth it.  No doubt.


Camden: Germany… or Deutschland


What do you appreciate most about your experience?

I made good friends with my wonderful host siblings, all so different, yet so interesting. My sister was becoming a teacher, one of my brothers had just returned from Spain, and my other brother was studying to become a doctor. All of them so unique, such wonderful and beautiful people, and I was lucky enough to have met them, and live a few short days with them. I remember speaking with my host sister on my last night in Germany, thinking about how lucky I was to have met the people I did, how much they changed me. I told her how lucky I was to have been her sister, if only for a short time.


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