Here are ideas of how to fundraise and pay for your exchange:

Make sure you plan ahead!

  • Create an account on or . Then create a link on Facebook and by email to allow family, friends and teachers to donate money to your trip. Explain on your account how you will benefit from your time abroad. Keep reposting the link throughout the time before you travel!
  • Ask your church to donate money in exchange for giving a presentation or making contact with a church group you meet abroad for a sister-project.
  • Hold a themed dinner party – international dinner.
  • Raffles: Raffle a plane ticket or Groupon that you buy
  • Silent Auction: Create a silent auction that parents and friends can place bids on. Items to include: donated art, gift certificates from local restaurants, home-made food, trinkets from other people’s travels abroad, clothing. Ask local businesses to donate an item for this.
  • Get a summer job before you go! Examples: waitress, lifeguard, teach language lessons, summer camp counselor.
  • Take pre-orders for home-made food (extra bonus: look up a recipe from the country you will go to!)
  • Knit or crochet items for sale (Internet sale websites for crafts like will give you extra national reach)
  • Create an international cookbook to sell
  • Gift wrap presents outside a store that agrees, for donations (especially check fair trade stores).
  • Write a letter to corporations or local businesses asking them to support international exchange, and explain how you will benefit, and how they might benefit (give a presentation or donate photography to decorate their walls)

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