About Our Programs

iE-USA Study Abroad encourages you to experience the world with us. We offer 10 countries, 6 languages and one life-changing experience.

Our mission:

iE-USA is a non-profit student exchange organization dedicated to promoting education and
understanding through intercultural and academic exchange. Our organization is certified by
the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and strictly adheres to all U.S.
Department of State Student Exchange Program regulations and guidelines.
We believe that learning about other cultures, languages, and customs is the best way to
dispel prejudices and embrace global citizenship. Our students become fully immersed in
the day-to-day life of a new culture, which includes becoming part of a new host family as
well as attending a local school in the host country. This unique immersion experience allows
students to hone language skills, create lifelong friendships, boost personal confidence and
communication skills, and develop a deeper appreciation of the world we share.

Live your dream of traveling to new places by staying with a host family and attending the local high school for a semester or year.

Gap year programs for graduating seniors available too.

Switzerland Scenery


Italy Countryside


New Zealand
South Africa


To learn more, visit our website or download our catalogue.
Email infoabroad@international-experience.com or call 507-581-8433 for more information.

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