Traditions in Germany- ‘Maierle’ Guest Post

Hey you all, I’m Constanze and I’m 19. I wanted to share some traditions that are unique to Germany, that you might see if you decide to study abroad here!
I live in Bavaria in the south of Germany. One year ago I lived at my parents house, they live in a little town with around 5,200 inhabitants. This region is called “Unterallgäu” and there are many farmers and many little villages and every village has its own dialect.  There is a cute Bavarian tradition in the Region where my parents live. A boy who loves a girl puts a birch tree with colorful tapes and a heart made of wood in front of her house in the night before the 1st of May. The boys have to protect the tree the whole night until the sunrise that no other boy steals it.
 German tradition
In the morning the girls have to guess who put the tree there and they give the boys a big breakfast. This year I got one and here is a picture of it to the right.

In my case this wasn’t difficult to guess because it was from my boyfriend. Sometimes the caption on the heart isn’t just the name but a quote or a saying. If a girl gets three years in a row this tree called “Maierle” from the same boy, they have to get married. The “Maierle” is standing in front of the girls house for the whole month. And everytime I come home it makes me so happy to see the tree.
Even if I loved living in my hometown, I wanted to see something different. After I did my A-Level in June (it’s like the American SAT’s), I wanted to go to  university and move out. After thousands of applications I decided to go to Munich , which is the capital city of Bavaria and has about 1.3 million inhabitants. There I started to study Tourism Management. My flat is near the university, the city centre and at the back of the house is the Isar River, which flows through Munich.
Munich is famous for Oktoberfest of course and I have to say I love it. Even if it is called “Oktoberfest”, it starts in September and lasts three weeks. Everyone is celebrating and of course the people are wearing dirndls (the girls) and leather trousers (the boys). Every brewery in Munich has their own party tent with their own music. In some of these tents about 6,000 people celebrate together. Outside are many carnival rides. They also sell hearts out of gingerbread. My boyfriend donated one to me last year and the caption on it said, “I love you”, but there are many hearts all with different captions. Here is a picture of me and some friends at “Oktoberfest”. But a important thing to know is that the people from Munich don’t call it “Oktoberfest” they call it “Wiesn“.
Other traditional bavarian food are pretzels, “obatzda” (bavarian kind of cheese) or a type of white sausage. I have to say that bavarian food is really delicous. But you don’t have to buy your food it’s also allowed to bring your own food to the beergarten and just order the beverages.
So if you want to know more about Germany, Munich, Schwaben or me, then follow me on Instagram it’s @co_klr.
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I direct the study abroad programs for iE-USA and have studied abroad in Argentina and Spain. I have a passion for travel and language immersion.

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