Live your dreams


If traveling or living abroad is your dream, don’t let anyone (including yourself) stop you. Change your “Can’t” to “Can”. Nothing is impossible, and whatever your challenges may be, you can overcome them. Do you fear you won’t succeed? Do you fear you won’t make friends? Do you fear you will miss old friends and family? Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you, everyone has fears but the ones that succeed in life are those who acknowledge and address those fears and move past them. Study abroad programs provide support and orientations to address these fears and staff will always be available to help you through the hard times. No dream was ever easy, right? If other cultures and countries interest you, you want to see the world, you want to break out of the bubble you live in, meet new people and try new foods, then live the life you have imagined. Applying for study abroad might be the first step in your journey to making the life you want to have. Ask an exchange student in your community or our youth ambassador how they overcame their fears. It’s worth it.


About Laura iE-USA

I direct the study abroad programs for iE-USA and have studied abroad in Argentina and Spain. I have a passion for travel and language immersion.

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  1. I traveled abroad with a group of 35 strangers for 3 weeks after college and it was the best experience I have ever had! Made amazing friends,amazing memories and will always be a highlight of my life. Would give anything to go back!

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