Not so foreign anymore- Maria

Robert Louis Stevenson once said,”There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.”


That is how I felt when I first arrived in Cape Town, South Africa. I was a foreigner, in a completely new environment, with new family and new friends. Cape Town, however, quickly welcomed me with open arms and showed me all there is to love about this amazing city.

Each weekend brings a new adventure. I have waddled around with penguins, and gotten up close and personal with baboons and seals. I have spent hours climbing the mountains that engulf this beautiful city, and surfed the waves of the marvelous beaches. But, while I will remember these experiences forever, it is the people of Cape Town who have made my stay so special. My host family has shown me nothing but love. I have enjoyed getting to know my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, and I can proudly say that I feel like a member of the family.

The students at school were eager to teach me all there is to know about South Africa and, also, to learn about my culture in The States. And the people I encounter, as I make my way around town, always smile, ask questions, and surely know hospitality.

I don’t feel like a foreigner anymore, because Cape Town has become a place I call home.

-Maria, South Africa 2013


About Laura iE-USA

I direct the study abroad programs for iE-USA and have studied abroad in Argentina and Spain. I have a passion for travel and language immersion.

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