Passport to the World

A passport is not just a simple passport. A passport is the first step to an adventure, and an item that is treasured years after your first experience (because often it isn’t your last), as you proudly look back at the stamps you have collected. In the wise words of Grumpy Cat–


For some, part of applying for study abroad is getting your first passport or renewing it. Even if you aren’t thinking about travel right now, a passport is a great idea so that you can be ready when an opportunity presents itself. You can visit for help.


Why is International Education Important?

6 Ways to Celebrate International Education Week

T I P S  F O R (1)

What Does International Education Mean to You?


This week (Nov. 17-21), organizations from all around the world are celebrating International Education and all that it signifies.


At International Experience (iE-USA), our whole mission centers around the values of international education. We aim to provide opportunities for students to explore the world and share their stories, while learning how to interact with new cultures and customs. We believe that learning about other cultures, languages, and customs is the best way to dispel prejudices and embrace global citizenship.

So whether a student is abroad in Spain, the U.S., or South Africa, we know they will be a future contributor to a globalized economy where people from all around the world work together, collaborate, and help each other. What they learn while abroad will not only help them, but those around them.

So this week, we ask you, what does international education mean to you, and how has interaction with someone from another country helped you in your life? Leave us a comment!

Telling your study abroad story: http://

Telling your study abroad story: #studyabroad #youthexchange

RT @MulticulturKids: Activities to honor

RT @MulticulturKids: Activities to honor Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day #VeteransMatter

Download Our Spanish Lesson Plan About Salamanca

Do you know when the Roman Bridge (Puente Romano) in Salamanca was built? Find out that and more in this lesson plan.

Are you teaching or learning Spanish? Want specific information about a particular city? Teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike can benefit from this lesson plan about Salamanca, Spain. It is a one hour plan with three activities to help students develop vocabulary, conversations and even career skills such as applying for scholarships. Designed mainly for advanced level Spanish students grades 9-12.

Students: If you would like to do this activity on your own to improve your Spanish, just skip page one of instructions, and move on to the actual activities!

SpainLessonPlan Click to download PDF.


Free Webinar & Lesson Plan about Salamanca, Spain!

Spanish teachers and counselors: RSVP for the Webinar happening Nov. 6th, at 2PM CDT to learn about the scholarship opportunity for students to attend the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp in Salamanca, Spain. If you can’t attend, you can still RSVP and be sent a recorded version and free lesson plan about Salamanca.



So you’re considering the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp?

Find out more about the Spanish Summer Immersion Camp:

Tidbits of Spain

Get to know Spain through photos!

IMG_8410 (2)

Typical streets and homes of Spain.


The famous “Tortilla de Patatas” or Spanish Omelette with Potatoes–eaten for lunch or as a small Tapas-sized portion after work/school.


There are many historical and UNESCO World Heritage Monuments and cities in Spain, including this one–The Alhambra of Granada, an ancient fortress and palace.


The view of Granada from inside th Alhambra sets you back in time.


View of the Generalife Palace, another beautiful historical monument.

Last but not least, the staple of a Spanish diet, Jamon Serrano, which is cured ham, similar to Prosciutto.

Last but not least, the staple of a Spanish diet, Jamon Serrano, which is cured ham, similar to Prosciutto.

Are you ready for the iE-USA Spanish Summer Immersion Camp? Register now, and don’t forget the scholarship deadline of Nov. 20th!

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